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Our ONE/SIZE story begins with founder Patrick Starrr’s dream of creating a beauty brand that elevates the vo




One/Size On-Set Makeup Artist

Q: How do you celebrate your Pride beyond Pride month?

A: “I … throw around rainbows and love like confetti ... those of you who … aren't able to live and love out loud and proud just yet, know that I love you. Here's some rainbows and some love for y'all.”

Q:What does “Makeup is a ONE/SIZE fits all” mean to you?

A: “Makeup is a ONE/SIZE fits
all for makeup artists. We need things that are going to work on every skintone, texture and type … The reason I love ONE/SIZE Beauty and working with the amazing products is because they truly celebrate every single human ... ”



One/Size Ambassador

Q: How do you express yourself through beauty?

A: “I create and capture … unique
and grand looks that incorporate fashion design, makeup, and set design, as well as visual arts to share positive messages with my audience that … encourage them, uplift them and remind them to just live in their glorious truth and be the light that they wish to see.”

Q: How do you practice self-love?

A:“Self-love is definitely a journey ... Growing up ... I was very free in how I would express myself ... I always knew and felt like I was different ... while other boys were playing with trucks and ... playing sports, I was the one playing with dolls and creating artsy things ... [It] wasn't until I got a bit older and started to witness and experience things like judgment and bullying that I started to draw back a little bit... A few years ago ... I regained that confidence in myself to express myself freely ... I started to feel alive and put fear to the side.”



One/Size On-Set Makeup Artist + Ambassador

Q:How do you want to change the world?

A: “I want to change the world by helping to create a new space in beauty that's diverse ... and that has representation of all people in all backgrounds. When I entered the beauty industry over 18 years ago, that was not the case … I want to be part of the change in the beauty world, where we're seeing more representation, more skin tones, more ages, more body types … more of everything that is real in the world.”

Q: How do you express yourself through beauty?

A: “I wanna tell the world that the word beauty has changed. It's no longer about meeting some sort of standard or an ideal of beauty. Beauty is about expressing how you feel on the inside ... and about creating something that you feel empowered by ... so let's shatter all of the feelings that we have around what it means to be beautiful and how we can be more beautiful and let's really lean into ourself, our uniqueness and how we can express that through beauty.”




Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

A: “ … Don't give up, keep going … I would just tell myself to just explode with the colors that exist inside of me earlier and just go for it. You should love yourself. Accept yourself … if you have a dream, go for it, do what's in your heart.”

Q: How was it working on the One/Size set for Cheek Clapper?

A: “ONE/SIZE is the perfect description of acceptance. You walk into this work environment and it's so like accepting and loving, and there's just love in the air. There's creativity in the air. No one's excluded from it. Everyone can be a part of the ONE/SIZE family.”



Music Producer

Q: What are you known for?

“Since I was born, I was a creative little kid, but what I'm known for is serving the music out to the children! I am known for doing music for all the Queens across the world ... ”

Q: What does “Makeup is a ONE/SIZE fits all” mean to you?

A: “ … When I was growing up, my parents did not believe in … being gay, me being expressive ... and to me, they took a lot of my light away … So when I see a brand like One/Size ... representing a makeup brand, that is for everybody, I fell in love. Honestly, I stand by [ONE/SIZE] because what it's doing for me and what it's doing for every little kid … feeling like they don't belong in the world. What they're doing for us as a community is making us feel that we belong, and we don't have to conform.”


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